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Questions for Admission Officers and/or Disability Services' Staff *

  Admission Requirements

What courses are required for admission and which courses are required for graduation?  Some courses may be waived for admission but required for graduation.  Some courses may need to be taken and passed for graduation from the college or may vary according to major.

Course Waivers or Substitutions

Are course requirements permitted to be waiver or another course substituted in its place?   Common areas of concern for students with learning disabilities include foreign languages and math. Some may be required in some majors but not in others. Not all students may have difficulties in these areas.   Some colleges offer choices between a cluster of related topics, such as foreign language or foreign cultures or math or computers.


What evaluations are required in order to receive accommodations or support services from the area of Disability Services?   Do these evaluations have to be performed by a certain certified professional, such as a medical doctor or a clinical  psychologist?  How recent do these evaluations have to be and will they have to be repeated during the college years?  If so, how often?  If they do have to be repeated, who is responsible for the cost?  Does the college offer any free or low cost evaluations?

SAT Requirements

What SAT's are required? Are certain scores required?

Disability Services

What services are offered through the Office of Disability Services?   Is there a cost for these services?  Are these services on a space available basis?   If so, is there a waiting list ? What accommodations are available if needed? What is the procedure to receive accommodations?


 What  facilities and special accommodations may be available for housing? 

Credit requirements for part time and full time eligibility status?

What number of credits are necessary to maintain a full or part time status?  How will this impact financial aid?

Time requirements for graduation?

 Does the student's program have to be completed within a certain amount of time?   Can this be extended?

Hearing or grievance procedures

What are the hearing or grievance procedures if you disagree or have a problem with a service or staff member because of your disability?

* Please note that not all of these questions may be appropriate or apply to each student with a disability, each department, each college or each situation.  

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