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What Information Will You Need To Think About When Making Postsecondary Education Plans?


Career interests
  • Education or training required
  • Availability of jobs
  • Qualifications

Postsecondary education options
  • Two or four year college
  • Public or private college
  • Technical School
  • Military service
  • Internship or apprenticeship program

  • Cost of college or schools
  • Cost of living, clothing, books, food, recreation, transportation
  • Financial resources that student and family have and can apply towards college
    • Your own financial resources
      • Savings
      • Summer earnings from job
      • School year earnings from job
    • Family financial resources
    • Scholarship
    • Work-study program
    • Loans
    • Grants
    • Outside agency resources
      • RI Office of Rehabilitation Services may offer some financial assistance but they are currently on an Order of Selection status which means that only individuals with moderate-severe disabilities may receive assistance

Geographic Location and Living Arrangements
  • Live at home
  • Live in college dormitory
  • Live with other family members
  • Live in off-campus housing or apartment

Learning Needs
  • Learning strengths
  • Learning weaknesses
  • How your disability impacts your energy level, the amount of time that you will need to studyand attend class, work, for family obligations, etc.

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