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Rhode Island
Students with Disabilities Transition to College

The dream of a college education is now becoming a reality for many high school students with disabilities. Civil rights laws have now opened the doors to students with disabilities in growing numbers. Students with a disability who have been identified as in need of accommodations or special education during the elementary or secondary school years will need to be aware of their special challenges, the laws that protect them, how to plan for their postsecondary education and employment, and the resources that are available to them for assistance. This Web page is designed to help these students, their families, and educators that work with them.

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flag.gif (12532 bytes) This Web site was created by Karen Shabshelowitz as partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Arts in Education at the University of Rhode Island.


Disclaimer:   The author of this Web page is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of the material on this Web page. It is meant to provide general information but this information may not be true or accurate in all cases.  This information is provided as a public service.   If you have questions or doubts about the information, please consult the school administrator, some of the resources listed, and /or legal counsel. Thank you.