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What are the differences between high school and college education?

What information will you need to think about when making postsecondary education plans?

What are the differences between the Individuals with Disabilities Education   Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act?

What are different formats of SAT's and what are the procedures to obtain accommodations?

What are the test accommodations for the SAT and the ACT for Students who have a learning disability?

What questions may you want to ask the admissions'  counselor or disability services' staff?

What questions may college staff ask once you have disclosed your learning disability?

How might learning disabilities impact college students?

What are some common characteristics of adults with learning disabilities?

What is self-advocacy?

What are ways that college students with learning disabilities can help themselves?

What are some common accommodations that might be appropriate for individuals with disabilities?

What are some good reference books concerning college-bound students with disabilities?

What are some Web addresses that are particularly helpful for students with disabilities?

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